Sunday, July 21, 2013

You wanna know a secret??

So, every once in a while, you meet a group of women who just change your world in small little ways.  While this group of people differs slightly from season to season, come consignment time, they are there none the less.  You laugh, you cry, you hang tens of thousands of pieces of clothing, and you laugh some more.  Never have I been to a sale with such happy, loving people! 

This year, I do not have the ability to work Hooked On Consignment's amazing sale, but I do know this, it is going to be absolutely amazing.  My sister introduced me to consignment sale shopping when my oldest daughter was almost 3 and I have been hooked ever since.  And while I could go on and on and on about the benefits of this sale, pictures speak much louder than words.  So... 

Tons of Baby Gear!

This is the boys section, and there are still 3 days of drop-off!

Have a little girl who loves shoes??  Oh yes, this sale is amazing!!

This sale opens to the public on July 27th, but trust me, you really want to volunteer to sign up and shop early!  When you volunteer to work early, you not only get to skip the wait to shop, you also get to shop with fewer people than the first few days of the sale, not to mention some of the other worker perks include snacks while you work, worker credit for the sale, and kid-free pre-sale shopping.  It is SO worth it, and Natalie is one of the best people you could work for.  In the past, I have shopped the fall sale for Christmas presents, Halloween costumes, as well as backpacks, birthday presents, and back-to-school clothes.  And, when I say back to school clothes, I mean brands like Justice, Matilda Jane, Gymboree, Children's Place, and so much more.  Natalie is meticulous (in a really really good way for us) about what she takes in, too.  You won't spend your time weeding through stained, outdated clothes.  We are talking quality clothes for almost nothing!  If you have never done a consignment sale, please take an hour and go to hers this weekend and next week!  I promise, it will be well worth your time!

My (totally selfish) favorite part this season is the fact I don't need to drive to Murfreesboro anymore!  The sale will be in the Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot in Rivergate!  I have a feeling I will be making several trips down, as the deals are too good to pass up.  I am telling you, I have followed this lady from Encores North in Madison to Encores n More Murfreesboro, and now locally, to Hooked on Consignment.  I have been to other sales, and they just don't compare. 

And, did I mention all the amazing stuff??

American Girl dolls and Accessories!

Toys, Kitchens, Power Wheels, and so much more!

Matilda Jane at incredible prices!

Even something for the teens and Mom's - Vera Bradley bags!

With about 450 consignors, this sale promises something for everyone.  And, if you follow Hooked On Consignment on Facebook, she does giveaways and teasers as new amazing items come in.  So, if you find yourself ready to start back to school shopping, Halloween costume shopping, or even just a little bit of kid spoiling, head on down this coming weekend (July 27th) or any of next week (sale ends August 3rd).  You will not be sorry! 

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