Friday, September 21, 2012


Have you ever watched one of those TV sitcoms where the husband asks the wife, "Honey, what's wrong?" And she replies, "Nothing. I'm fine." Except that she isn't fine, doesn't feel like talking about it, and is trying to pretend if the facts are ignored long enough, they will just go away? 

Yeah, that is pretty much the way I feel.  Minus the conversation.  Haha, and the husband.  Okay, and the TV show.  Whew.  That leaves me with just nothing.  And, well, we all know that a woman says nothing, nothing isn't entirely accurate.  :)

And, now that I am totally confused and laughing, I don't feel much like writing.  Hoping to be able to force myself out of this state of mind soon, and share what is on my heart and going through my head.  For tonight, though, I'm just gonna keep pretending it's all good... 

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