Thursday, July 26, 2012


As this last week has gone by, I have been a little discouraged that I haven't gotten more accomplished for my connect group tomorrow night.  Then I started thinking...

In the days before my first connect group session, I was wisely warned to be prepared, because if it could happen on that Friday, it would.  And, it did.  Jess got really sick, high fever, cranky, the works.  I forgot some items (more than once did I turn around and go back...), and was late to the meeting.  It went off beautifully, and because I was prepared, none of it mattered.

So, the last time, it poured.  Rained cats and dogs, and a little water, too.  And, I got a flat tire.  Twice.  Yup.  Great, huh?  Sadly, I wasn't as prepared for obstacles.  It all worked just fine, just not totally prepared.  But, I was on time, a little nervous, and it went great.  God spoke some incredible-ness into some amazing women. 

So, this time?  Yeah, the obstacles have gotten substantially larger, and I fear they just might win.  Where do I start?  An incredibly difficult class and large papers to write started my week.  Moving on to cranky kids and lack of sleep mixed together.  Add to that 6 kids on my own.  A job interview.  An early morning wake-up call (like 6am early, three times in a row, I seriously thought there was an emergency!).  A broken water heater.  A flooded garage and entry way.  At 9 o'clock at night.  A broken glass that flew everywhere, immediately following the clean up and taking care of water heater.  Cleaning up said glass three times.  Jessie finding a missed piece with her foot 24 hours later.  Sitting in urgent care for 3 hours while they dug it out.  And, finally, dealing with a sad little girl, because her toe still hurts.  A thousand, is what she told me.  I assume since she loves me two thousand, it hurts bad. 

And, even if I fly by the seat of my pants, you can bet I am gonna bring whatever God gives me tomorrow.  And come August 10 (the next meet), I think I am going to walk around in bubble wrap, light no candles, and pretend I live in a giant bubble so nothing goes wrong.  A little concerned, but know nothing is going to stop me. 

That said, Jess is asleep, the storms have passed, and I am  going to bed.  I am worn out. 

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